Dermal fillers

Safe, professional dermal fillers are available at ND Skin Clinic, Prestwich.
We understand our clients are looking for natural, beautiful and subtle enhancements and offer complimentary consultations on all dermal fillers treatments, so you can discuss your needs and concerns with a highly trained, experienced professional.

Dr Lilia Cochrane is a Medical Aesthetics Practitioner with 26 years of experience in a medical field and 15 years experience in aesthetic procedures. 

Fillers by Dr Lilia at ND Skin Clinic, Prestwich:

* Tear trough fillers

* Lip fillers

* Naso-labial folds, (smile or laughter lines)

* Marionette lines, (from the coner of the lips down to the chin)

* Cheek augmentation

* Nose, Rhinoplasty , straighten out or smoth out the slightly bumps on the nose

* Jawline rejuvenation

* Upper lip lines (smoker’s lines)

Appointments can be arranged by calling or texting the ND Skin Clinic, Prestwich: 01617732799 / 07969524109.