IPL facials

At ND Skin Clinic we are offering non-invasive AFT laser treatment by Harmony Alma platform safe and successfully during 13 years by Natalia Dmitrijeva an experienced laser and advanced skin practitioner

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We know you’ll love the results

SKIN REJUVENATION is the ultimate anti-ageing solution for:

* collagen boost

* skin tightening

* pore refining

* glowing skin

VASCULAR Harmony laser Treatments are the ultimate solution to reduce skin redness such as:

* Facial flushing

* blushing

* redness

* spider veins

* rosacea

* acne

PIGMENTATION Harmony laser treatments are the ultimate answer to an uneven skin tone:

* Sun spots/age spots

* freckles

* sun damage

* irregular skin tone

* skin discolouration


Birth marks, port wine stains.

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