Blemishes removal

How is ACP performed?

A fine micro-probe (about the size of an eyelash) penetrates the skin at intervals along the treatment area and releases a tiny burst of energy. This ‘dries up’ the vessel which destroys it leading to a visible reduction even whilst the treatment is being performed. For skin tags the current discharged destroys the vessels which feed into the area effectively starving it and causing it to fall off.

How long does the treatment last for?

The blemish which has been treated will generally not return, however if the root cause of the problem is undetermined others may appear at a later stage, unrelated to the original treated area. Your consultation with your skin specialist will discuss this further with you.

ACP has a long established reputation as a safe and effective treatment that is well documented with visible results that can be noted whilst the treatment is actually being performed!

The number of sessions required depend on the type of skin lesion and the size of the treatment area. The regularity in which repeat sessions can take place varies from individual to individual and again will need to be discussed with your skin specialist.

With many of the procedures the appearance may look worse before it looks better – hence you may need to factor in a recovery time when booking treatment if the area to be treated is generally visible.

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