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EMSculpt technology

Here, at ND Skin Clinic we are offering a cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring - EMSculpt technology procedure . The process works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy to the area, forcing the muscles to contract in a way that is not possible through exercise, to build the muscles while burning fat.

EMSculpt technology (high intensity electromagnetic field energy) stimulates powerful muscles contraction in abdomen, buttocks (Brazilian Butt lift), tights, biceps, triceps,calves. if you are seeking a sculpted appearance with rock hard abs and firm toned butts, improve quality of your life, bring your confidence back or preventing developness or progressing pelvic disease occuring due to hormonal changes or other some reasons then the EM Sculpt technology is a perfect treatment for you.

Controlled electromagnetic technology is useful, safe and benefitial on

• Increasing cell methabolism, enzymes activity on cellular level
• Improving blood flow to surrounding tissues
• Increasing oxygen flow in the skin and muscles tissue which accellerates healing process, formation of new muscles tissue
• Increasing collagen production
• Noticeable increase of muscle tone, rehabilitation for flabby muscles, atrophied muscles in the lower back and abdomen are strengthened
• Helpful for diastasis recti abdominis - most woman suffer with this problem after delivery
Prevents the pelvic diseases ocuring: among the most common causes of pelvic floor weakness are: • Pregnancy • Birth • Menopause • Surgery • Inheritance • Overly tight clothing. • Obesity • Constipation • Smoking • Chronic cough • Professions with a degree of risk: singers, athletes, musicians who play wind instruments

All clients who tried EMSculpt technology report visible improvement. We believe that treatment with EMSculpt technology if started as early as possible, is a great way to prevent the progression of these diseases.

For most patients 4 to 6 sessions spaced in 3 days apart during two weeks is usually enough to sculpt the body into the exact shape the patient wants.
A single 30-minute session is the equivalent of 20,000 squats or crunches
-5,5 hrs of exercises.
-Painless, no discomfort, no downtime
-19% fat reduction,16% increase in muscle mass,
-Muscles thickness noticeable in one, two month after the treatment,
-11% reduce diastasia recti-abdominis muscles after pregnancy
-Achieving more in a shorter time with easiely body contouring
-The muscle effect is long lasting, around 6 months.

Recommend a course of 4-6 treatments, maintanence in 3-6 months, reasonable diet and exercise habit is recommended too.

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